In addition to general comedy sketches, I also have several ongoing series.

 Cover art for the album, "Norgib: The Show! Vol. 1".

The Grandiose Adventures of Sir Norgib of Mumbo!

Sir Norgib of Mumbo, a character I made for my Ska-Punk singles, is in his own show!

Sir Norgib is a show about the Don Quixote-inspired character, Sir Norgib of Mumbo, and the insane adventures he goes on in a The Aquabats! Super Show!-style super hero serial. This is very much inspired by campy children’s shows from the 60s like Batman and Star Trek.

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I was inspired by shows like Check It Out!, with Dr. Steve Brule and The Eric Andre Show to make a parody of low-budget, public access television.

KSNN7 is a fictitious public access station which features a lineup of shows including Super Neat Seat, Darndest Devices, Strange Call, and Morning News with Jed Salas.


Darndest Devices with Jed Salas

Originating as a one-off TheSuperCrew sketch, Darndest Devices is a segmented talk show hosted by KSNN7 news anchor, Jed Salas.

Jed Salas has a new show! Darndest Devices is a parody of educational/factual programming. It also parodies the likes of a talk show.


Video Game Video Archive

TheSuperDaine keeps getting into situations where he has to review video games. Following in the footsteps of JonTron’s StarCade, VGVA archives all your favorite games, or maybe not.

The initial pitch for the show was this: A Sci-Fi show that takes place in 2999, but constructed using archival footage of a webseries from 2016 called "The Video Game Video Archive". Each episode would be hosted different aliens (one episode would have little green men, another would have slime blobs). Hopefully this will all come in season 2. As of now, it's pretty much an AVGN clone.


Method of Input

This is the show where I review different input devices. The show is mostly centered around computer peripherals and video game controllers, but I have also done some midi keyboards, so nothing is off limits; as long as it inputs.


Pass the Puzzles

My favorite genre is Puzzle Games. I like having to think hard to solve a puzzle, and getting that amazing feeling of satisfaction after solving one for myself. This is my series dedicated to reviewing puzzle games based on how fun the puzzle-solving process is. At the end I give the game either a "Play It!" or a "Pass It!".


TheSuperDaine (TheSuperCrew)

This show has gone under many changes over the years. Currently, the episodes are made up of sketches that are too short for their own video, or just one-off sketches. Expect even more changes to this show as I try and figure things out.

This show was formerly known as TheSuperCrew (after Incredible Crew), but I decided I wanted to keep everything original and I changed the name and logo.