Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Visual Effects Artist,

Graphic Designer, Music Producer, Programmer

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Arden Daine Meade-Esvang


2014 - 2015

Attended Interlochen Arts Academy


Majored in

Motion Picture Arts

Creative Writing

Electronic Music Production


2016 - present

Freelance Filmmaker, Music Producer & Graphic Designer

  I seem to be interested by everything. Over the years, I have attained an extensive list of skills. I have been making movies ever since I was young; and in 2012 I created my YouTube channel, TheSuperDaine, where I upload comedy sketches, parodies, short films, music videos, reviews of video games, technology, controllers, and software. I do all of the writing, directing, visual effects, and editing for all of my films and videos.

  Because of my amazing abilities, I make the "video announcements" for my school that play during the day. I am also an essential part of the live broadcasting team my school has; I love being part of and working with a team.

  My skill and passion for music producing has grown in recent years. I made my SoundCloud account in 2016, but I had been making electronic music long before then. The genres I generally focus on range from Punk to Alternative Rock to Experimental. I have made original soundtracks for most of my videos and games.