Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Visual Effects Artist,

Graphic Designer, Music Producer, Programmer

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About Me


2014 - 2015

Attended Interlochen Arts Academy (2 Years)


Majored in

Motion Picture Arts

Creative Writing

Electronic Music Production



2016 - present

Freelance Filmmaker, Music Producer & Graphic Designer

Editor for the Rockin Rieke YouTube Channel

Producer for The Mighty Offsprings

I have always been interested in making movies. Ever since I was young, I made comedy sketches and short films with my friends. It was 2012 when I first created the YouTube channel, TheSuperDaine, where I continue to upload videos to this day.

I have always been interested in music making to some degree as I have been taking piano lessons since I was a child, but it was not until recently that I fully realized my interest in music production. I have made original soundtracks for all my short films, and I make stingers for the shows on my YouTube channel and for my school’s broadcast group.

In addition to music and filmmaking, I also have an interest in graphic design and motion graphics. I have made all the animated intros for my YouTube shows, and the album art for my albums you can find on SoundCloud. I also make the logo bumpers for my school’s broadcast group.